Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I absolutely hate making resolutions. It almost seems a guarantee to fail. And when I do fail, because I always do, the loss feels even greater because I've set such lofty goals.

So I am going to plan on a few things in 2013, but there are no guarantees and I might alter my plans as the time goes by.

Remember my Accountable post? Amazingly, mom and I have done ok considering the holidays. I've lost 2lbs and am drinking more water. I'm also cutting down on my portions. And in spite of an injury to my foot I've still been exercising. I took a small break from running to let it heal, but did biking and yoga to replace it. So not bad considering all of the eating out, extra food and desserts, and interrupted routines. Hopefully January will be easier to schedule.

On another note - I am going to be taking the Joy Dare. In my Bible study group we've been studying the book Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. It's a great book and one of the chapters dealt with being more thankful and positive. One of the girls brought up the Joy Dare and we've decided to take it together in 2013.

Since I'm going to be participating in the Photo A Day challenge off and on through out the year, I thought I'd also include the Joy Dare on here as well. I have a notebook that I'll be writing in each day, but some of them will be too good not to share on here as well.

But while I love the thought of organization, I'm not very organized without a bit of help. And then I found the blogging planner. I about died in organizational ecstasy. =) So now that I've printed this out and put in the photo a day and joy dare items I'm hoping to actually get them onto the blog.

So my goals this year will be to become more healthy and more joyful. This will hopefully mean more photography and blogging.

Happy New Year everyone!

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