Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Almost totaled

Our bathroom reno started on Sunday. My birthday fell on Tuesday. My initial plans were to have our babysitter come and watch Caitlin so I could get a massage and relax at Poet's with a drink and a good book. But it acted like snow which resulted in a snow day. So the babysitter now had two children. My massage turned into picking up things for the bathroom and picking out counter tops and tile. I met Jon for lunch and then planned to head to Poet's to try to salvage the last bit of my birthday.
As I headed down the road towards the coffee shop my cell phone started ringing.
No phone call ever turns out well when you hear -
"I'm okay, but. . ."

Someone had hit Jon's car. Because the car is so old he was afraid it would be totaled.
When I arrived I noticed that while it didn't look THAT bad, it was certainly bad enough to potentially be totaled. But it was all good because the accident was the other guys fault and Jon wasn't hurt.
Long story short - the car was just shy of $200 from being totaled, but dude changed his mind when he got back home and realized his vehicle wasn't that bad. If he didn't admit fault then he wouldn't have to pay a deductible. In Tennessee the police do not assign blame unless they need to give out a ticket. All accidents are written up as no fault and it's left to the insurance companies to try and get compensation. So we were now going to be out a deductible ourselves. 
With the bathroom reno and my physical therapy bills piling up, we were not exactly happy.
Our car was getting close to being ready and I'll admit I was not looking forward to handing over a chunk of change to the body shop. 
But our prayers were answered today with a phone call from the other insurance company. They are going to cover all of the costs. Talk about a blessing!!!!!

So tomorrow we'll be sporting a mended car and very thankful wallets.

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