Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My blog is all about my thoughts on my life, pictures I enjoy taking, and the occasional vent about something I'm frustrated about. I feel comfortable talking about things because it's relatively safe. Rarely do people comment on here. My friends might say something to me in person. But I can sit in my own home and "talk" away without the feeling of an audience.

So it was beyond frustrating to me when about a month ago I was asked to refrain from blogging about a topic. A friend/family member asked me to not talk about something they were going through. It's affecting me and my family. I talk to them about the issue quite often. They've talked about it with all of their friends. But I can't talk about it on here because they are afraid someone else might read my blog and they don't want to deal with them. 

My frustration has several parts.
1. It's MY blog. When you talk to me about something and get me involved then I might feel the need to vent.
2. If it is something that can be helped with prayer and it's not a secret from the rest of the world then it should be posted everywhere. There is power in prayer.
3. I am to refrain from writing because a nosy person bothered you. They never said a word to me, but since they just might happen upon my blog (a very remote chance) I can't say a word.

So today please pray for a friend. I'm respecting their privacy. But I feel the need for pray. I have been given permission to talk about it to my friends/blog readers if they ask (hint, hint - give me a call or shoot me an email), but I can't say what is going on here. Ugh!!!

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