Sunday, March 24, 2013

Accidental reno

Several months ago I bumped the lovely pink soap holder in the bathtub and it shattered. So Jon caulked around a piece of metal as a very temporary measure until we could gut the bathroom.
Enter one small child who loves to pull things and Jon was in the bathroom this morning removing the metal to replace the caulk. Small problem. Several pieces of our beautiful plastic tile came off with it. And when they came off we noticed black mold behind them.
So after a conversation about the family's allergies we decided to gut the bathroom - today.

The small hole was where the soap holder was.
The larger hole is where the extra tiles came off when he pulled the metal.
  Metal piece that Dominic peeled the calk from and some of the tiles that came off with it.
We found even more mold when we tore off the tiles around the faucet.
It certainly wasn't in the plans. I was going to clean the house for company coming (Yikes! In two days), go running, and work on my book reviews. Not one of those things happened. 
Instead, this happened -
I'll post more pictures later. Just wanted to let everyone know about my dusty day. =)

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