Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Prayer needed

My mom has been very private about her on going issues with her cancer. And both of my parents have asked me to keep any updates to myself. I didn't agree, but it's her health so I kept quiet. 

But today she got another scare and asked that I ask my friends to pray. I'm taking that as an open invitation to ask ALL of my friends pray.

Today my mom went in for quick visit so they could check her incision from one of her surgeries. It keeps getting infected and drains have to be put back in. Today they rushed her into out patient surgery AGAIN. This was the 7th (if I'm counting right) surgery in a little over a year. Today, after the surgery, the doctor told her that if she wasn't better by this weekend she was being admitted into the hospital. I'm not medical, but there appears to be an infection inside that they can't seem to get under control. She's been fighting this for months now. This is her third time with drains and antibiotics.

So please pray for my mom. She just can't seem to get better and she still has at least one more surgery scheduled.


  1. Praying! Keep us posted on her progress. Let your mom know that she is being cover in prayer.