Friday, May 10, 2013


I very carefully checked the weather this morning. I love running, but I hate being wet or cold. So I'll gladly put up with the awful treadmill to get out of being cold.
The weather forecast said clouds this morning with isolated showers starting around noon. Sounded perfect to me. I dropped Caitlin off at child care and headed out. A couple of drops were coming down as I started out, but I figured it wouldn't amount to anything. 

Boy was I ever wrong! About a quarter mile into my run I was so completely soaked that my clothes were sticking to my body like glue and my shoes were making this awful slurping sound. I was a bit worried about my watch and iPod.

I wear my headphones when I run, but keep the music low so I can also hear other runners and vehicles since I run on the road. I heard a honk, but didn't think anything about it. Then I heard a whistle. Every woman out there knows what that whistle sounds like and what it means. But why in the world was I getting whistled at. I've run that route for years and don't get this kind of attention. It's raining, for goodness sake. And I have a runner's (lots of runners sport a small pouch because stomach muscles aren't used during a run) and mommy belly. Not something I try and showcase to the public.

"Ohhhhh! I'm wearing a white tank top."
I looked down to discover that I might as well have chosen a bikini from my pre-baby days. There weren't any curves left to the imagination. I'm a bit modest when it comes to my body and wouldn't dream of wearing a bikini. That was pre-baby days and those have been gone for quite some time.

Needless to say, I will be working on the abs and will be wearing a darker tank top for future rainy runs.

But since half of Cookeville got to see my lovely attire, I thought I'd gift you with a view as well. 

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