Monday, June 3, 2013

Race Day

After last year's 1 mile race at camp meeting, I was determined to run the 5k this year. I was so careful not to step into any holes or mess my legs up. =)

To add drama to the story - I left my gps watch at home. I knew the race wasn't chipped and it was timed rather primitively. There are no mile markers either. So I convinced my parents to stop at my house on the way to camp meeting and pick up my watch. I made sure it was fully charged once I got it.

On race day I was joined by my dad and son. Since it's camp meeting, there were also a ton of friends and other family members who ran either the 5k or fun run.
I wrote about Dominic's race on the kids blog.

As I started the race I pushed the timer on my watch only to receive a message that the history was full. It would record the pace I was going, but nothing else. I took off a lot faster than I'd planned because I was trying to catch up with Dominic to slow him down. When I finally caught up with him, he wouldn't slow down. It took me into the 2nd mile to pass him.  He was keeping pace with another lady and I asked her where we were as far as mileage and pace. Since she was running a 9:30 pace I stayed with her until about mile 2.75 and then I took off. I'm very thankful for both her and my son. I had a pr (personal record) because of both of them and finished strong. Which means I could have done even better if I'd pushed a little more. Incentive for next year!
My finishing time was 27:26 (Assuming the coarse was correct and their time was on, since my watch had issues. I'll have a better grasp on it next year.)

Visiting with my cousin.
 Taking off.
 Pushing to the end.
 I barely had time to come in and take a breath before I headed out to run back in with Dominic.
 First medal (not counting that one I got for last year's fun run) since I began running again as an adult. First place in my age division (female 30-39).
 Next year I'll do even better. I have a goal to work towards.
I may be getting older, but I intend to get better as well.

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