Thursday, September 26, 2013

Refridgerator Update - The Rest of the Story

My poor refrigerator journey has been a bit long and tedious. 
But yesterday it all ended - for the most part. 

Jon and I ordered the exact same refrigerator from another place and waited for it to arrive. In the mean time we used a mini fridge/cooler that we borrowed from a dear friend.
It took quite a few days and repeated calls to the store before the old fridge was picked up. I had given the manager my cell phone so they could call me before dropping by. After days of no response from the store I'd given up. There was a lot of joking amongst my friends about putting it on the curb and seeing if anyone "borrowed" it. I pull into my driveway on a Saturday afternoon to find the Electronic Express truck in my driveway. The manager hadn't given them my cell number so they'd been trying to call my home phone.

They were really sweet and appalled at why I was returning it. They were very helpful with information about what to say when I called corporate and offered to give the manager a piece of my mind for me. When I hesitated they begged me to let them yell at him.
"Please ma'am. It might be the only change I get to yell at the guy without the chance of being fired."
Makes me wonder what else this manager guy has done. He certainly doesn't have the respect of the employees.

Our new refrigerator arrived and it was new. I watched them take it out of the box and put the handles on the door after peeling all of the plastic off the front and sides. I've never been so happy to see styrofoam in my life. =)
 Several glaring differences proved even more that the previous appliance had been used. But I was happy. I had the very refrigerator I'd originally wanted and it was new.

I wanted to calm down before I called corporate. So yesterday I bit the bullet and placed the call. The poor little girl that answered was a bit of a blond. Twice she sent my call to the Cookeville office and the manger that I had such problems with answered the phone. I, naturally, hung up.
I finally got through to her who I wanted to talk to and she told me that he was out of the office, but she'd shoot him an email. A few minutes later the phone rang and a familiar voice told me that he'd received an email about a washing machine I'd purchased at his store. It was the manager, Chad - AGAIN! But this time I was feeling beyond frustrated. I might have given the little airhead a rough time when I very slowly explained again that I did NOT want to talk to Chad. I wanted to talk to his boss. She texted him and told him to call me when he had a moment.

He called while I was out to lunch with Jon. I briefly told him what had happened. He, naturally, apologized all over the place and expressed his horror at what had happened. But he refused to reimburse me the cost of the food that had gone bad. He said if we'd purchased the final product from Electronic Express he could have refunded a portion of our price. But since we'd gone with another place that there wasn't anything he could do. But. . . if we would go buy something else he could give us a discount. 
Did he really think I wanted to spend one more penny in his store?! I told him that if the manger was there, I wasn't stepping foot back into the store. 

So my only option to recover the money that I lost in food would be to spend even more money at a store that sells used appliances listed as new. I think I'll pass, thank you very much.

Apparently this isn't a one time thing. Jon was mentioning my conversation with corporate at his work and someone told him they'd had the same experience, only with a dryer.

But I've done my duty. I have told everyone I know about my experiences and alerted corporate. 
Now I'm going to enjoy my lovely new fridge and put these issues behind me.

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