Friday, September 20, 2013

Biker Retreat

Jon and I headed out this last week for our 2nd annual biker retreat. Jon's parents graciously agreed to watch our kids so we could head over and join some other family members for a long weekend of motorcycles.
Last year we went with one of the groups that was already organized. It was great fun, but we would have enjoyed speeding up a bit more. So this year Uncle Bucky asked Jon to lead his own group. Due to some changes in the format of the retreat we were about the only "young" people there this year. Then the introduction to Jon's ride included some references to his laying the bike over in an accident. =) So we didn't get very many takers. And because of some bike issues we lost a few of the riders before the ride had even started. But this didn't seem to put a damper on it. When riding motorcycles at the pace my husband enjoys the saying "the more the merrier" is NOT true.

Our group the first day (for most of it any way)
Jon, Uncle Ken, Uncle Tom & Rod.
Some of our riders have caught up with us again.
The views were outstanding on Cherohala Skyway. This is one of our favorite roads to ride on. We enjoy it so much that we included it on every ride.
One of the riders in our group - love his bike.

On Friday night we learned that 4 of the people at the retreat had gone down and one of the guys was at the hospital having surgery on his leg. So Sabbath morning we all got up and rode (around 100 bikes) together to the hospital. It was interesting to have a trail of bikes that long going through the Tail of the Dragon. 
We stood in the hallway waiting on him to come out of one of the rooms where he was having some tests done. We signed his one remaining boot to show our support.

Some of the bikes in the hospital parking lot.
Then we headed back into the mountains for some more riding. The weather was gorgeous and while I had a very numb bum, it was incredibly breathtaking and worth every sore spot.
 Biker clothes aren't always the most flattering. =)
These pictures are taken in front of a fantastic bakery. If you are ever in Tellico Plains, TN check out this little place downtown. Worth the drive!

Stopping at the falls for some pictures.

A few of the Murrell Men
 This guy Rodney rode with us on Sabbath. Hilarious guy from Australia. 
 I might be slightly biased, but we are a very nice looking group. =)
 The falls without all people blocking the view. =)
 This guy is so awesome. I know it's harder to ride w/ me tagging along on the back. But he's so sweet about it and never complains. Hopefully someday I'll have my own bike and won't be dragging him down.
 Uncle Tom, Aunt Sue, Bonnie, and Uncle Bucky! 
Most of our housemates. Love these people.

I didn't take very many pictures. About the only downfall to flying going faster is that you aren't stopping at every fire hydrant to pee or at every overlook to take pictures. So I didn't get as many pictures this year, but I had an amazing time. Can't wait to go again next year!

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