Friday, September 20, 2013

Race Day

The day after our anniversary we woke up at dark thirty to head to Franklin, TN for a race.
Not sure which one of us talked the other one into it, but my dad and I were racing a double. We were going to run the 10k first and hopefully finish in time to rest before heading out for the 5k.
Then we'd watch Dominic run a 1k.*

Before the races started
 Waiting on the 10k to start.
 I might be smiling now, but it didn't last through all of the races. =)
 Coming in from the 10k. I had only run 1 other 10k so I wanted to at least beat that time. But I was also afraid of wearing myself out and being too done to run the 5k. So I finished my goal time, but didn't give it my all. I'll do that at the next 10k. I felt great when I finished and totally ready to run the 5k.
Coming in from my 5k. I was definitely tired, but felt good.
But that might have been my demise.
 Because my dad convinced me that the chance to run 3 races in one day didn't come very often. So I should round the day out by running the 1k with my son to make it a complete 16k.
I was toast after I finished, but it was a nice feeling to have run all three. Bit too hot for me, but a good feeling. Topped off by my dad winning a medal, Which Wich, and time with family.
*I'll post Dominic's race results and pictures of the kids on the other blog.

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