Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I could wax eloquent about how important books are to the human race. I could talk about my favorites or mention the one that affects us the most profoundly when read. But others have already done this. And if you enjoy books as much as I do, then you've probably already read about it.

But a friend posted a picture with some statistics that broke my heart the other day. 
I can't wrap my mind around this. It can't possibly be true. And then I hear a friend or acquaintance make the comment that they "never read". Why?! Why would you deprive yourself of the most amazing experiences in the world. You can learn new things, go new places, and meet new people between the pages of books. And sometimes you get lucky enough to pick up a book that reaches in and touches your very soul. 
Books heal your soul, make you smarter, calm nerves, take you on adventures, enhance your memory, help you think better analytically, improve concentration, and make you more interesting. It's free therapy! And the benefits to reading to your children will blow your mind. It changes their entire life for the better.

Another friend sent me the link to a study that had been done on some students reading works of fiction. It explained the changes that happen to a brain when a book is read. And those changes stay with us for at least five days.

I finished a book last night that was so perfect and so me that I've found myself going back to it in my mind all day today. It was what I was thinking of as I drifted off to sleep last night. And according to that study, I'll still be contemplating it for several more days.

There were some errors, if you want to call them that, in the book. But there were parts that spoke to me. And the parts that spoke to me were louder than the errors. And that is when I know that author has a chance of making it. If the author can captivate me so well that I (with a touch of OCD) do not notice them or don't care, then they are good. Very, very good!

I'm working on a post about my top 10 books for 2013. I am hoping that you will send me a list of your top favorite books that you've read this year. Or even top favorite of all time. I, obviously, love reading and look forward to adding new books to my reading list. I've already received one list, so add to it and send me your list!

And let's make a pact to read more next year. =)

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  1. Books are amazing. I spend most of my reading time with history books. Happy New Year!
    An Arkie's Musings