Monday, December 30, 2013

555 miles

I ran today! 
The weather temps were hoovering a bit below freezing and it was overcast. But I have two half marathons coming up in a couple of months and I can't take a break.

There is something about running that is so addictive. I feel like I can conquer the world when I'm out pounding the pavement. I feel pretty great afterwards too.

Today was no exception. Despite the chilly weather, I felt amazing. I only ran five miles today. It's my husband's birthday and I wanted to spend most of the day with him. But what a great run.

When I returned I made the comment that today was my last run for the year. I'll run again on Wednesday, January 1, 2014.

Jon asked how many miles I'd run this year. The thought had never crossed my mind to add them up. So within a few minutes I had an answer for him.
I've run 555.22 miles this year. A quick google search informed me that this was the exact distance to Flint, Michigan from my house. So I could have run to Flint, MI this year. =) Apparently Flint is about 60 miles outside of Detroit and has suffered the same abandonment and economic issues that Detroit has. It's also the top deadliest city in the US. Sounds like a place that I want to visit for sure. =) So maybe someday I can actually go up there and take some urban decay pictures. That would be cool.

Since I also plan to add a marathon to my list in 2014, I'm pretty sure that my total will be quite a bit higher this time next year.

So Happy New Year and many happy trails to each of you!

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