Friday, December 27, 2013

Crazy Run

I have been feeling a little confined with all of the treadmill running lately. It's going well, but it just isn't as fun. I notice my aches and pains more. =)

So today with the temps around 40 degrees and the sun out, I figured I'd run outside. I thought I had put my gps watch on charge at the computer. It wasn't until I arrived at the Y with the kids that I realized I must have connected it wrong. It still only had 1 bar. Since I had waited until later in the morning to go, I couldn't wait for the watch to charge.

My intent was to run 9 miles. I'm training for two 1/2 marathons and really need to keep my mileage up. I headed out, but realized about 1 1/2 miles in that my watch wasn't going to last much longer. It was already starting to flash low battery. So I stopped and tried to download a running app. It was taking forever to download to I ran another 1/2 mile before stopping to try again. The app was now saying low gps signal - unable to connect. When I stopped the second time I was at 2 miles exactly. So I figured I'd head back and run the extra mileage on the treadmill. 

I took off running and ran the exact route I'd just ran so if the watch died, at least I would know how far I'd run. I really pushed it so I could get back before the watch completely died. I barely made it, but was able to run 4 miles. As I was heading up the parking lot I had a great idea. Instead of doing the treadmill, I could grab my other watch out of the locker and run a route that I knew the mileage. So that is what I did. I have a 3.1 mile loop that I just ran twice and used the stop watch.

So I ran 10.2 miles today. The time was pretty decent (for me), especially considering all of the stops and starts.

It's about 8 weeks until my next 1/2 marathon and about 10 weeks until my trail 1/2. So I'm feeling confident that while I won't be fast, at least my body won't reject the idea of running so far.

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