Friday, April 11, 2014

Beauty and Heartbreak

Yesterday, April 10th, was a very emotional day for me.

Two years ago a sweet little girl passed away. It was a shock to the entire community and she's still thought of and greatly missed. My son asked if he could take his Marissa mouse to school with him. He knew that he wouldn't be allowed to take it out of his back pack, but he wanted that small comfort with him. 

Yesterday I sat with some very dear friends while they waited on news of their unborn baby boy. His heart rate was extremely elevated, so they'd been referred to a specialist. Once there my friend was admitted to a hospital almost 2 hours from her home with only her purse and clothes on her back.

I made a fast trip down to take them some things and stay with them until family could arrive.

It was the most beautiful thing to stand there with the nurse and two other friends as we prayed before the emergency c-section. 

The three of us friends sat there rather impatiently for hours while we waited on news.

A bit after noon Edmund was born and sent immediately to the NICU. After some "treatments" his heart rate returned to normal, but they are still waiting to see what the prognosis will be.

He's a beautiful blessing. I just couldn't get over how gorgeous he was. And he was born on the day that we lost another little one. Beauty from Ashes.

It was heart wrenching to sit there and watch my friends worry, to know that another friend was at home grieving her daughter. But I know that the ultimate plan is to someday be in heaven. There's no death, heart problems, surgeries, worries, or stress in heaven! 
Just peaceful beauty.

So when I see this sweet little guy's face it warms my heart. I feel like I'm being given a small taste of heaven.

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