Tuesday, April 1, 2014


My dear sweet husband is so incredibly tolerant of my book obsession. He put blood, sweat, and tears into building a gorgeous library for me. He's lugged my bags, boxes, and armfuls of books for me on many a trip or move. He moves stacks of books so he can work on the computer, sit on the couch, or go to bed. He goes to sleep with the light on so I can read, he drives in silence so I can finish another chapter, and he doesn't say a word (ok, not many) when I go to bookstores on almost every trip we take. He is even helping me foster a love of books in our children.

There is really no such thing as too many books.

My family also encouraged my reading addiction. So pardon me while I become completely confused for a moment.

Born Book Hoarder

I have some duplicate books that I thought I'd give away on my book review blog. Now these are free books. I'll even pay the postage if someone lives far away from me. The only requirement is to comment on which books in the list you want. That's it!


 So imagine my complete and utter surprise when I only received 3 comments in about a week. Are people crazy? This is free books!!! How can you not get excited about free books? The thought alone will make me giddy. I troll Amazon (and belong to several groups) looking for free kindle books even though I prefer paper copies. I look through the free bins at every single bookstore I pass. I always go to the book section of every thrift store I go into.

But alas! I am informed by my dear husband that not everyone is as addicted as I am. There are actually people out there who would rather do something else. It boggles this little brain of mine!

Just in case you are a book lover, or know someone who is - here is the link to the free books.
Click here!

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