Sunday, May 4, 2014

Book Frustrations

I probably titled this blog wrong. It should be people frustrations. I picked up a book recently at a used book store. I'd heard quite a bit of hype about it when it came out, but wasn't able to snatch it up quick enough when it came out for me to review. 

I read it last night and sat down this morning to write a review. If I'm not pressed for time I write reviews for everything I read. If I'm busy I'll at least rate it on Goodreads and hopefully will get back for a review later. 

I always check out the reviews on line as well. Sometimes for curiosity and often to get an idea of how others liked or hated the book. 

This is the book I picked up. It's published by Thomas Nelson in paper copy and Harpers Christian on the kindle. On the back of the book it mentions the words faith and redeemed.
These two publishing companies are some of the largest Christian publishing companies in the US. The description on the back makes it pretty obvious that this book is a Christian book.

Most of the negative comments on this book were complaints about how "preachy, Christian, Jesus pushing" it was. Or about how romantic it was. Apparently the wedding dress on the front of the book and the description of four women wearing the dress to their wedding gave them NO clue it would be about love and romance.

Come on people! I understand you not catching that the book is Christian. But if you are against Christian fiction so much that you'll give the book a 1 star if you come across any "preaching" or mention of Christianity, perhaps you should investigate the other books this author wrote. They are all Christian. Familiarize yourself with the main publishing companies and read the descriptions and reviews. Then you won't be shocked to find that an author who writes romantic Christian fiction for a Christan publishing company wrote a romantic Christian fiction that - shocker! - has romance and Christ in it.

Okay! Rant over! =)

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  1. I love that book! My friend got it for me for Christmas! -Melinda O.