Saturday, May 24, 2014

Crazy Hair Lady

I'm not sure why, but I'm really enjoying the crazy hair. I started out with purple (in case you missed that blog).
But it faded rather quickly. While I liked the faded color and felt that it faded nicely, it happened to quickly.
So when my hair dresser told me of the different options to chose from, I chose a crazy color again. Apparently when you have purple in your hair, you can't go back to the brown with highlights that I'd previously been sporting. You have to gradually work your way back.

So here is my redish/hot pinkish hair with purple highlights. =)
The red is showing the most in this first picture, but there are elements of hot pink and she didn't color any of the purple highlights that were left from last time.
 Ironically enough, Jon and I both like this color even more than the purple. So if it fades nicely, I'm considering doing this one again.

Someone mentioned that I was a quiet crazy chick and someone else asked if I was a closet hippy. So apparently my crazy, all over the place, bi-polar personality has not been showing all of its sides until now - with my hair. =D

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