Monday, May 26, 2014

Twelve Miles of Beauty

Last week I ran 10 miles with my dad. I hadn't run further than 8 miles since my last race. Time and other things to do just prevented the longer runs from happening.

I had a great race with my dad and felt really good about my times. So this morning when I headed out to run around the lake, I was hoping to keep it to the same distance and time.
But this view and tons of friends kept me (I felt) from running as fast as I could have.
Imagine my surprise to realize that I was considerably faster than before and I was already at mile 10.5 and across the lake from my house. So I went ahead and ran 12 miles today. With an incredible time. I was pumped!
Now I'm just tired and sore. But my cousin is here at camp meeting as well and asked if I would run with him on Wednesday morning. So it looks like I'll be running 3 days this weeks since the race is on Friday. It's a wonderful start to my marathon training that was going to start when I returned from this trip.
What a beautiful, gorgeous new day!

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