Friday, July 25, 2014

My Hero

I have this amazing man in my life. Just when I think it's impossible for him to get better, he proves me wrong.

Things out of our control have us with too many projects and not nearly enough time. My dear sweet husband is getting up before dawn every morning and going to work. As soon as he's finished with work he heads down to Chattanooga (an almost 2 hour drive) to work on our townhouse to get it rent ready ASAP. He arrives home close to midnight and falls into bed, only to start again the next day.

He doesn't complain or act resentful that my "job" is easier. He is doing all of this work himself. He's gutting a bathroom, re-roofing a section of the house, and making quite a few repairs. He not only knows how to do all of these things, but can do them well.

He's without his family, often goes without food until he gets home so he can get more work done, and is exhausted. But last night I watched as this amazing man went in to kiss his kids goodnight. They were asleep, so they wouldn't have known if he had skipped a night. But this didn't stop him. Even exhausted he shows his family love.

I'm incredibly blessed to be married to my hero!

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