Monday, August 11, 2014

Demo has begun!

We are still working on the townhouse in Chattanooga, but this past weekend was Dominic's birthday. (I wrote this last week, but didn't get a chance to post until now.) And he requested that we stay at home. Since his cousin was coming up we knew he wouldn't be hanging out with us all day. So we asked if he minded us starting on the kitchen demo. 

We haven't finished the demo yet. Jon is back in Chattanooga tonight and it looks like we'll be spending at least one, maybe two more weekends down there before it's finished. But we are ready for our house to be back to normal. So we are working on it every few seconds we have to spare.

When we put down the flooring in the house a couple of years ago we put it in the kitchen as well. But we knew when we redid the kitchen we would change it to tile. So we removed that and the two layers of vinyl.
The floors underneath the two layers of vinyl was particle board. Not a good choice for a kitchen. So we removed that as well. 

 My desk is outside on the patio getting a coat of paint. The refrigerator is in my living room. Most of our things are in boxes. It makes for a crazy living area. But it will be totally worth it when it's finished.
I desperately needed something to put in my make shift kitchen for our food and dishes (paper plates). So I had Jon move a couple of the cabinets into the dining room. It's actually working out really well. We took the leaf out of the table to make more room. It's not like we are going to be entertaining. =)

This gave us the idea of using the bottom section for my island. Not sure if it will work. It will need a new top, new hardware, and some serious painting. But it could work, so I'm going to try.

I'll post more pictures later, but we have the entire kitchen gutted and are going to pick out my floor tile today. I thought I had it picked out. But I was at a Lowe's near our townhouses and fell in love with something different. Since it was over $6 a square foot, I'm going to try to find something similar, but a bit cheaper.

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  1. Renovating a kitchen is certainly a task that is not for the faint hearted, especially if you are living in the home at the time. The thing that I missed the most while the kitchen was out of action was my oven. I was so glad to move away from takeaways and microwave meals back to proper home cooked food.

    Helene Raymond @ Trade Squad