Friday, August 22, 2014

26.32 Baby!

I did it!!! I actually ran a marathon today. I was supposed to run 25 miles. But it would have felt wrong to get within 1.2 miles of a marathon and not do it. So I went for it.

I woke up at 3:30am so I could get started before the heat came. But it was already 78 and extremely humid.
My run was good. I drank quite a bit more water than I normally do, which resulted in two bathroom stops. Those gas station people must love me. =)

Saw a gorgeous sunrise. This picture does not do it justice.
Probably because it was taken with my iPhone.

About mile 15 I started getting overheated and tired. By mile 20 I was walking quite a bit. And by mile 26.32 I was toast. But I drank enough to stay hydrated and ate my energy beans so I felt good. Just tired and stiff. I had my chocolate milk after and except for the tired, I feel really good.

And I'm super stoked. I ran a marathon today. How cool is that?! So while my official first marathon isn't until October, I did it! And now I'm really looking forward to this race.

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