Sunday, September 7, 2014

3 Races

Last year my family and I ran the Franklin Classic. So this year we thought we would run again. It fit well with our marathon training and it is neat to be able to run 3 races in one day.

They had changed the 10k course from last year and there were quite a few people complaining about their longer times. So I didn't feel too bad that I was 4 minutes off my time this year as well. The heat and humidity was bad and the new course was super hilly.
Despite the negative conditions, I enjoyed the 10k quite a bit. I was super tired at the end, but good.
I ran the 5k with Dominic. He ran out way to fast in the beginning and really needed some encouragement to finish. He hasn't done this in the past so I'm not sure why it happened this time. But it really took the pressure off of me to get a good time.
Coming in from the 5k
The 1k was all about Caitlin. She ran her heart out and had three cheerleaders (Dominic, my dad and I) the entire way. 
I enjoyed this break from my normal Monday run and it was fun to run with my family.

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