Sunday, September 7, 2014

Running forever!

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post below. I just like it. =)

My dad is awesome!
Last night he arrived at my house so he could be ready for our adventure in the morning. And by morning, I mean just barely.

This morning at 2am we woke up and quickly got ready to hit the road. My goal was to run a 50k (31 miles). I knew that weather would play a huge part in making or breaking my goal. It was about 70 and a little humid, but not bad. Definitely better than the 78 from the other morning.

It's still hard for me to comprehend that a person can put their body through so much and not die at the end. But it's especially mind blowing that I can do that. I'm not well known for my strength or love of pain. I'm rather a wimp about difficult things. 

When I hit the 26.2 miles I felt amazing. I had really been downing the water and eating my jellies (energy jelly beans) so I'm sure that helped. It was also a really major thing to have my dad there running beside me. Some how it was a huge psychological boost.

When I hit the marathon mark we were about 4 1/2 miles from home. So I knew with a slight adjustment to the route we were going to make the 50k. About that time I got a horrific cramp in my left leg. I've never had this type of cramp before in my life. It was awful. Thankfully it came and went so I was able to get some relief. But not to long after my knee quit. Not sure if it had to do with the cramp or not, but I walked quite a bit. I'd run until I was done in with the knee pain. Then I'd walk until it eased off and start again. But we made it home. 

I don't like to post my times. I'm super slow and seeing it in writing is a bit painful at times. But for the sake of wow - my time was 6:34:11 That is 6 1/2 hours! I honestly can't believe a human body can do that. But then I'm reminded of my two cousins who hope to finish the Ironman this month in approx 12 hours. The human body is astounding!

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