Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Last week Jon and I spent a glorious long weekend riding the motorcycle at the riders retreat. We had a blast and made plans to meet up with some new friends later this fall if we have time. It was a much needed break from our incredibly stressful life.

But it really, really made me want my own motorcycle. I've been wanting my own for quite some time. But when I went into the dealership right before the retreat to buy new gloves, I saw a beautiful Honda. I might have fallen in love just a bit. 

We spent most of the time on the back of the bike. It was the perfect combination of weather and roads. So there are very few pictures. Most of them are of Jon. =)

We returned to piles and piles of work and stress.
Today I was so overwhelmed I cried. I made sure no one was around. I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I have an incredible life. I am blessed beyond measure. But I'm just barely treading water with everything going on right now. And just it hit me. So I prayed and spent some time with my Bible study ladies. 

This evening Jon came home and wanted to leave immediately to pick up some stuff at Lowes. His urgency was a bit out of the norm, but I figured he wanted to get started on the tile since he'll be in Chattanooga the rest of the week.

I walked out to this!
My amazingly sweet husband spent his bonus on me.
Words cannot describe how excited I am. 
I have my very own motorcycle!
 I will probably still steal rides on the back of his bike. I really enjoy riding with him. But now I get to ride by myself too.

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  1. The colors of your motorcycle are so much fun! You could be a heroine in a novel.... :)