Monday, September 22, 2014

Getting closer!

I've been so incredibly busy that my updates have been non-existent. So here are a few kitchen updates.

We took down all of the paneling and replaced it with drywall.
 I had to paint the ceilings in most of the house.
 I somehow failed to get a picture of the other layers of flooring. But then most of you probably don't care. =)
I finally settled on a textured, grey, rectangle tile. It was special order, but it only took about a week to come in. Because the tiles are so large, it was faster to put down. So that was a plus.
I was almost giddy this morning because the cabinet guys arrived to install our cabinets. But almost immediately they ran into problems. I had ordered 42" cabinets and 36" were sitting in my kitchen. The lady I had worked with the entire time was no longer working there and there had been a major break down in communication. So after about 45 minutes of discussion I opted to go with 36" instead of waiting 4 more weeks for new cabinets to be ordered. I might have hid in the bedroom and cried a bit. I was so frazzled that by 11am I left the guys there and ran away from home.

I returned to find a lot less finished then they'd told me would be done. Turns out none of the instructions (where/what extras I wanted) were written on the paper so they were winging it, but ran into a snag. Long story short, they are coming back tomorrow. I think we've fixed any issues that might come up. But at this rate, I'm not holding my breath. Wednesday they will come in to measure for the counter top and sink. Then I wait another week or two for that.
 On a side note - they couldn't get the tall pieces into the house without lifting them over the porch railings. So I told them they could remove it since we would be doing that in the next month or so. They were quite happy to save themselves the extra work of lifting up those solid wood cabinets. And I was happy to have another step taken out of the way in our next renovation project.
 Jon is in Chattanooga tonight and I'll be down there tomorrow. We finished one townhouse only to start another one. But hopefully this one will be the last for a while. In the mean time we are juggling a way too many balls. And dealing with way too much stress.

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