Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fall Creek Falls Trail Run

Those of you that remember me running this last year MIGHT have heard me say never again. I really, really didn't enjoy myself like I normally do with a race. But my dad was training for Pike's Peak Marathon (another ultra) and wanted to run the 50k again as training. My brother also intended to run this one (this time wearing the proper gear). So I reluctantly signed up. And wished I hadn't almost every day.

We drove down on the day of the race because of all of the rain that weekend. But miraculously the rain quit early Sunday morning and the day was cool and sunny. It was perfect running weather.

Almost immediately after starting the race I started talking to a girl named Jessica who wanted to finish about the same time I did. So we ran the whole race together. It was fun to have someone to run with and it really encouraged me to keep running when at times I might have stopped to walk. Since gps watches and cells phones don't work there it's impossible to tell how far you've run until you get to the aid station at around mile 9. By that time it's difficult to gain back whatever you might have lost. And I wanted desperately to beat the 3 hour mark. It was still a bit soggy and we got our feet wet quite a bit, but somehow this year it was different.
I finished with an official time of 2:54:58. Almost 6 minutes off my time last year.
I felt completely different about the race when I finished. It's definitely one I'll be doing again next year.

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