Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kitchen Pictures

Remember that whole story about the kitchen island not being finished?!

Well today I put the final touches on. The counter top finally came in and we put it on the base cabinet. But then the weather conspired against us and we had to wait all winter for decent weather to paint the cabinet. We FINALLY got that painted and I ran into a couple of other snags.

The contact paper in the cabinet was ages old. Picture gold and cream from the 60s. But because it was so old, it was stuck to the cabinet. It was acting glued on. So I needed a thick or dark enough contact paper to put over it so it wouldn't show through. That took some searching. But I finally found a thick white and tan paper that worked. Custom cutting and muttering later, I had a pretty inside. New hinges and door stops were put on and then we started looking for knobs.

I liked the old fashioned design of the old knobs. But the color wasn't right. I like pulling tiny pieces from the old design to incorporate into the new things we've done. So after looking EVERYWHERE for new knobs that I liked, I broke down and bought paint for the old ones.
And I LOVE the look. So here is my new kitchen completely finished.
We absolutely love this island. It's on casters so I can roll it around or move it completely out of the way. We also have two more chairs that we pull in for supper, but they are tucked away in the dining room when we aren't using them. 
My kitchen is a dream. It was a nightmare getting here, 
but I'm so thankful to finally have my dream kitchen. 
And my fight to keep the weight down attests to the food coming out of this dream kitchen. =)
You might remember this little guy as a candle in one of my older posts. But when the candle was gone, I couldn't bring myself to throw him away. So he became a planter for a succulent.

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