Friday, September 25, 2015

My crazy life!

Today was supposed to be a day that I got back on track. I kind of took a break from running during the summer and haven't really gotten back into it. So today I was starting again, finishing some errands, and hopefully getting a massage.

When I started the car this morning it sounded a little different. And an extra light came on, on the dashboard. After I dropped off the kids I couldn't make the car go. It didn't seem to have any power. Now another light was on. I pulled out of the school road onto the highway and almost wrecked. The car wouldn't go faster than 20 MPH. The cars were going about 60 MPH. I gunned it and nothing happened so I took my foot off the gas and a few seconds later the car accelerated. Almost rear ended someone. So I put on my flashers and watched the dashboard alternate between lighting up like a Christmas tree and going completely dark. The fasten your seat belt alarm was going off and my radio wouldn't come on. I drove home very slowly, almost not making it up some tiny hills.

The alternator is dead and the car ran home on the battery, so now that is dead too. My dear sweet husband came home on his lunch break and is replacing it for me so I can have a vehicle to drive. Love that man and his many, many talents. Just imagine the expense and time that it would take if I had to take my car to the mechanic.
Sorry for the blur. He didn't know I was taking the picture and wouldn't have posed if I'd asked. =)

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  1. This post reminds me of a few years ago when my car would break down and he would come to the rescue and get it going again. Next time tell that grease monkey to pose for the picture. :)