Monday, August 15, 2016

My heart

I am by nature a very private and reserved person. An introvert. I can talk up a storm and share what appears to be way too much. But the serious stuff? That's kept close to my heart. While difficult because of my introvertness, I force myself to make friends and try my best to be welcoming. But the biggest pieces of my heart are saved for a very select few. These are the ones that can truly stay in my home for weeks without my minding, we can go months without talking and still have that connection, we can confidently share our most private secrets, they get me. They are family. I love them. I've mentioned one of the sisters of my heart here and now I'm going to share about the other sister of my heart.

She and her precious family came to visit us last month and I wanted to tie them down so they wouldn't leave. I was downloading the pictures from my last photo shoot and found the two pictures below. I don't remember taking them, so they might have been taken by Matthew when he borrowed my camera to try out a lens. Either way, I love them. And it made me miss that piece of my heart so very much.

Beth-Anne - sister of my heart
Beth-Anne is a beautiful person, as you can see from the photograph. But her gracious heart and understanding spirit is what shines through. Her friendship means the world to me and I miss her.

Edmund - my squishy boy
I love this little boy. I love him as if he was my very own. I understand how someone can love a child who wasn't born to them because of this sweet, squishy boy. I can't wait to meet his little sister. 

I love this family so much. I've learned so much from them and they've been an incredible blessing to my entire family. God gave us a great gift when He put the Whites into our family of friends.

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