Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I just spent the morning with a very good friend of mine. I had some time to kill and called her. She couldn't meet me at the library because her son was napping. So she invited me over. When I got there her house was a bit messy and she was still in her pjs. She left me almost immediately to go take a shower.
This is the kind of friend that I treasure. I can call her up with no notice and she doesn't mind. She is comfortable enough with me to invite me to a slightly (or not so slightly) messy house and know that I won't criticize. She doesn't feel that she has to entertain me and feels totally comfortable even leaving me alone for a while.

We talked about that today. About how we like our friendship and how we don't understand the junior high emotions that some of the girls we know are dealing with. If I hurt your feelings tell me. If you don't want to spend time with me then say so. And I might be hurt, but I'm mature enough to deal with it.

I'm so thankful that I have friends who I can relate to and that appreciate me for who I am. I also miss the ones that have moved and can't wait until we are all together in heaven and I can introduce them all to each other.

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