Friday, July 9, 2010

Moving Stress

Today I've had an up/down day as far as Realtors go. I had to "fire" our realtor in Cookeville. I had given her the requirements that we needed in a home. She just couldn't seem to remember or care what they were. I would send an email asking her to give me info on a house I'd found and she would ignore that email and send me a listing of hers that didn't fit any or hardly an of our requirements. I was SO frustrated. And yet I was reluctant to let her go because she knew that Jon and I were Adventists and I didn't want to hurt our witness with her. Jon wasn't so reluctant and said she gave him the heebie jeebies. =)
I was discussing it with my mom today and she gave me a bit of advice that helped me get the job done. She informed me that I was unhappy enough that I was going to eventually let her go. So I might as well do it now instead of waiting until she'd put some serious effort into it and I had to tell her to her face that I wasn't happy. Since I had dealt mostly through email with her I could "fire" her that way and never have to deal with it again. And she would be disappointed and upset, but hopefully not mad that she'd wasted so much time. Also I wouldn't have signed the realtor agreement yet.
On the up side - Kathy just called us and told us we have an offer on the table. Also we have someone else coming to look at the house at 11am on Sunday. And a friend told me her uncle is also interested. So it looks like we'll be selling this house sooner rather than later. So excited! =)
Also when we were looking at that job in High Point Kathy recommended a realtor. She was great. So this time I did what I should have done and had her recommend someone. This lady's name is Kathy as well and I'm already happier with her. So hopefully we are good on both ends.

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