Thursday, October 28, 2010


I LOVE blogging. It is something that I started to keep the grandparents in the loop on all things Dominic since we lived so far away.
But now I find myself looking at almost every situation and wondering how I could blog about it. What would I write about if I were near the computer. How could I put this in a way that would allow the reader to feel like they were right here with me. I’m almost always starting blogs in my mind about why I think/feel a certain way. I typically don’t have the time to write about even half of what is in my head. But I enjoy thinking about it. 
I also really enjoy the photography part.
I will never be featured on BlogHer or have people ask to purchase/copy my photos. But it is something that I enjoy. It's a creative adult outlet for me when I’m here at the house with the kids and no where to go and not an adult in sight. =)

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