Friday, October 8, 2010


Even though I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl; I’m also vain, if that makes sense. I refuse to go in public wearing sweats. I might have my hair in a pony tail, but I don’t want to appear sloppy. As the years have gone by, I’ve even become more prissy. My sister blamed it on my having had a daughter. =) There is nothing wrong with caring how you look and wanting to be neat and attractive. I think it shows something about you if you take care of yourself. But it bothers me that I’m so concerned about how other people view my appearance. I shouldn’t care about what they think.

Sometimes the everyday life has analogies that fit something I’ve been thinking about. Take my two dogs. When we first picked them out Sarah was the one that I liked because of her coloring, but wasn’t sure about because she was so painfully shy. But we figured she would have her sister to keep her company and she would be perfect for Dominic who was afraid of dogs. When Jon chose Josie’s name for her, I was secretly glad. I didn’t think Josie was that pretty and since I loved the name it would help me “like” her better.


An amazing thing has happened. Sarah is a completely different dog now. She’s the only one who is still trying to jump up on us (scaring Caitlin to death). She chews everything, digs and isn’t as affectionate. Josie, on the other hand, is the sweetest dog in the world and has quickly become a favorite with everyone. Don’t get me wrong, we love Sarah to death, but it’s hard to cuddle with a whirlwind; well as much as a basset can whirl. =)

This made me think about how much dogs are like people and how we view them. At first glance the pretty person could be more likable. The one with the winning smile might be more approachable. But when you really get to know a person it doesn’t really matter what they look like. It’s the heart that matters. You will find that beautiful people on the inside look the same on the out. If I really thought about it I couldn’t tell you much about the looks of my dearest friends. But I could tell you all about how sweet or gracious, how helpful, how they make me laugh, what a great mom, etc. they are. So hopefully this will be a lesson to me to be more concerned about how I treat others than about how I look to them. Because they probably aren’t noticing any way. =)

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