Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marriage Challenge - Step 2

Remember Your Vows - post pictures of your wedding day.

Jon and I had a very small, inexpensive wedding with only family and a few friends.
We were married in a small church near my home that copied the plans from the church my parents were married in.
Jon and I, with our families, arrived at the church that morning and got everything set up for the reception. Then when the photographer arrived we had all of the pictures taken. It helped to speed things up between the wedding and the reception. And I would rather have Jon spend the whole day with me than try to keep hidden in that tiny church just for traditions sake.
My uncle, a pastor, married us. 
Well, sorta. =) 
Since Jon and I lived so far apart we were having a hard time getting to the court house together. So we figured we'd have the wedding and the honeymoon and then go to our new home and "get married". Only we forgot to tell my uncle. He was a bit surprised and I thought for a second he wasn't going to marry us. But I convinced him we would be married in God's eyes and then would take care of the legal part in a few days. =) I also told my uncle to keep it VERY short and simple. I have a very bad case of stage fright and was afraid I'd pass out or something terrible at my own wedding.
The wedding ceremony was beautiful. 
After the wedding we were able to go right to the reception because the pictures had already been taken.
Jon and I were so young when we decided to get married. I knew I was probably too young to get married. But Jon was so mature. And I knew that I'd rather grow up with my best friend than waiting until I was all grown up to get married.

I made a commitment to love, honor and cherish my husband that day. Thankfully Jon has been a very easy man to keep those promises to. God really blessed me when he picked out my husband for me. We've been married for fourteen years now and they have been the best years of my life.

Back to the wedding legality issues - 
When Jon and I returned from our honeymoon we stepped right into a busy week with job hunting for me and school for Jon. Towards the end of the week we finally had a free moment and went down to the court house on Jon's lunch break. The lady told us to hurry because the justice of peace was leaving for lunch.
He was in a super hurry and rushed us through our vows. At the end he said
"You may kiss the bride." Before we could even get close he said
"Okay, that's enough. Sign here."

I'm so thankful that we have that hilarious moment to remember, but that it's not our only memory of a wedding ceremony. =)

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