Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm not the greatest cook.
But usually I can pull off something decent.
This is the story of a decent attempt and a not so decent one.

I had heard about making pizzas with crescent rolls and thought I'd try something like this for our family.

First you get all of the ingredients that you would normally like on a pizza.
My family is super picky and everyone likes something different so making these individual pizzas is great.
Then chop everything very finely.
I'm missing the burger from this picture.
Spray the pan with cooking spray and lay out the crescent rolls in rectangle shapes.
I always put tin foil on my baking sheets so I don't have to try to wash off baked on food.
Makes my life simpler. And I'm all about simple.
Put sauce on half of the rectangle and then top with pizza toppings. Lastly top with cheese and fold over. Slightly pinch the sides to seal.
My oven is not a standard size. So this baking pan wouldn't fit in normal. I had to tilt it to the side. 
It didn't effect any of the food so worked out okay.
The finished product.

On Sabbath we had potluck. We were told that there would be about 50 extra people because of the choir that was coming to sing. So I decided to make brownies in the pan I used for the crescent pizzas.
I intended to turn the pan around about half way through, but completely forgot.
This was the result. The lower side was so dry that it was more like brownie crackers.
The higher side was so goey that I couldn't eat it. About two rows in the middle were edible.
Next time I'll just make two batches in a smaller pan.

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