Sunday, March 20, 2011

SLR lens

More pictures.
Every time Jon sees my attempt at pictures with my point and shoot or listens to me mumble about getting the perfect shot and my camera not cooperating he makes this comment-

 "That would work if you had a SLR."

Now I will be completely honest and tell you that I would LOVE to have a really nice camera with better lens and better focus.
But the one that I want starts around $800 and goes up from there.
I am not willing to go into debt or have my children be naked so I will be waiting a bit longer.
There are so very many things on my wish list and the poor camera is not at the top so it must wait.
In the mean time I will continue to attempt taking these shots with my point and shoot.

Bird's nest we found on our walk at Cane Creek.
 Ducks at the lake.
 These weeping willows were some of the first to get their leaves. 
I love the bright green of spring.
 More Bradford Pear blossoms. 
Did you know that they smell absolutely terrible?
 Sunset on Friday evening.
 The purple is the sun hitting the lens of my camera.
 My favorite tree. It's almost time to take the spring picture.
The bird feeder in our yard.
Some trees in our neighborhood.
 Sunset from sometime this week. 
We were heading to town and I took this from the car.

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