Friday, March 25, 2011

Update on the library

Ask my husband and he will tell you that I'm probably the most impatient person he's ever met.
I get excited about something or see something that needs to be done and I want it done RIGHT NOW!!!
There have been so many things going on in our life that Jon just hasn't had the chance to work on the library. I've tried very, very hard to be patient. There have been small little steps like removing the last of the carpet and moving everything to the other side of the room. 
But last night I left for a party with this done
and returned to find this had been done.
Wow! My man is amazing. I have book club at my house the middle of April and I jokingly commented to Jon that it would be great if we could meet in the library so he wouldn't have to keep the kids away from us. We could just close the doors. He took me seriously. He told me that he might not make it, but wow! is he ever trying.

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