Friday, March 25, 2011

Pre-Birthday celebration

Because it's my birthday I've decided to put this on my blog instead of the family one, even though it involves them also.
I've signed up for all of the restaurants email clubs and some will send you coupons for free things on your birthday.

The first one was for IHOP. My coupon was for this -
Strawberry cheesecake pancakes.
The waiter had the crazy idea that I might only want the 1/2 size of this yummy wonderfulness.
Crazy guy!

Jon's was almost as good. It was a cinnamon syrup something.

The second coupon was for free ice cream at Marble Slab.
(And in case you are wondering - we didn't go on the same day.)
The kids sat at their own table and ate sugar free ice cream. So it was nice during AND after. =)
I really love birthdays!

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