Friday, March 25, 2011


We have the most amazing yard - front and back.
It's still hard for me to imagine how blessed we were to find this house.
The kids are outside so much more here than they were in NC.

One of the trees in our front yard. They are just starting to bud out.
 In this picture I'm standing in the corner and close to the back fence.
 The red bard in the middle of the picture is our neighbors. 
It was built right up against our fence.
We have a crazy huge back yard.
These are from a flower bed that I thought the dogs had completely dug up. There were bulbs everywhere and I didn't see how anything could live. So I filled it full of rocks from the planters we moved in the front yard. And then this spring I saw these.
These wild violets are all over the yard. When Jon mowed they were small enough that the mower missed them. The grass was then short enough for us to see them.
More flowers from around the yard.
These were actually at Taco Bell. They were so beautiful that I couldn't pass up the chance to get a picture.
This weird little tree is my neighbors.
My favorite tree.

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