Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Library update

Here is another update on my library. Be patient with all of these library posts. When Jon is all done I promise will try hard not to show you another picture of my wonderful and amazing library.

We are going a bit slow because the grass has started to grow, it's our month to help clean the church, it's camping season and we Jon will be helping a family member work on their house.

This last weekend I took pictures standing in all four corners of the library.
This was taken once the shelves were completed, but Jon hadn't started on the window seat yet.
This picture is of the half completed window seat. I've already sat here, but it will be more comfortable when it's a bit higher and has the cushion on it. Jon will put another board where the top of the wood is under the window and then enclose the space below it with doors. Then we can hide the puzzles and games out of sight.
It's getting really close to being done and I can hardly wait to stand in my very own library.

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