Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old Soul

On the outside I'm 34 years old. On the inside I'm a strange mix of a 20 year old and 70 year old.
Let me explain. I feel very young. I like playing with my kids - reading, coloring, hide & seek, etc.
I enjoy listening to the current music and watching new release movies.
But I also really, really enjoy the "older" things in life.
 I love reading old books, watching older movies, shopping for antiques and talking with older people.
Quite a few of my friends are old enough to be my parent or grandparent. They are so much smarter than I am and I've learned so much from them. They also tend to be calmer. I'm all for calm and drama free.
I enjoy going to car shows with Jon. But my favorites are not the rods. It's these old trucks from the 30s and 50s.
Here are some of my favorite books.
A very small part of me wishes that I lived in another time. When the pace was slower and the values were good. Then I forget about supper until Jon gets home and am very glad for microwaves, running water and boxed macaroni. But since a small part of me is "old" I'm going to treasure the pieces of my life that are stuck in a simpler time.

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