Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Christine Update

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obstetricians just came by and said they just checked on her and the baby is doing fine! Praise God. First hurtle over. Looking forward to more good reports! They were unconcerned about any complications.

The doctor just came by and said everything is done. Everything went fine. It will take about an hour for her to wake up. They took out the tumor and the preliminary biopsy is that it is a glioma. They stayed about 1 cm away from the primary motor cortex but in the lower posterior area they had to be more careful as it was closer to some areas where it elicited a motor response. He did a conservative removal there so that she will hopefully be less likely have permanent weakness as a result. They will do a post op MRI to see how it all looks after.

There were no complications or other problems. Thank you for your prayers in her behalf. The road to recovery and treatment is still ahead uncharted. Please continue to pray.


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