Friday, June 5, 2015


The camp meeting race each year has always been super fun. It's low key and not very well organized. But that's ok. It's just for fun and promotes health for families.

But this year there was a change in directors. One of the changes that they made was to make the course truly a 5k. Every since I first ran that race at 5 or 6 yrs old, it has started at the bright yellow speed bump by the outdoor courts. But this year they moved back quite a bit. We all knew the course was short by about 4/10ths of a mile, but it wasn't like it was an official race or anything.
They also changed the course. So now instead of just running around the lake, we went up the hill to the Lambuth Inn and then went around the lake. 

Talk about a shock. I wasn't aware they'd changed the course and it wasn't a pleasant surprise. So instead of getting a pr like I'd been training for, I was almost 3 minutes slower. But it was still a decent time. And other than the hill from hell, I really enjoyed the race.
I love my kids running in with me. Sweetest kids!

And surprisingly, considering the huge jump in numbers this year, 
I actually won something in my age division.
I'd sent everyone to get their free race popsicles, so there isn't a picture of me receiving the award. But I like a picture so later I know which one went with which race.
Haha! That sounded like I have a ton, didn't it. =D

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