Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I heard a sermon many, many years ago. My poor memory has taken most of it away, but I do remember an illustration that the pastor used. He talked about being like a Lego with the pegs on top. And when those pegs were full it was very difficult for more Legos to fit on top. In other words, we were only able to do a certain amount of jobs well and then the rest kept "falling off". At least that is how I remember the illustration after all of these years.

I am a small Lego. There are only 4-6 pegs instead of the usual eight. For some reason after I had children I haven't been able to multi-task as well as I did before. My jobs of wife and mother seem to consume my life.
When we first moved I didn't know the area or very many people. So my life was very uncomplicated.
But now I only have one free day that isn't filled with plans every week.
This day tends to get filled up quickly because it's my only "free" day.
Remember my previous post where I whined about being selfish?
Well, my dear husband is on nominating committee.
Last night he came home from the meeting and asked me if I would be willing to take two jobs. One of them is for the school board. I can handle this. It SHOULD only meet once a month and shouldn't be too stressful or take away from my limited amount of pegs with time consuming requirements.
But the other job (which shall remain unnamed for now) is a rather involved job and not one that I checked off on the volunteer sheet. So hence my dilemma. Should I take this job? Would I be able to give it my full attention? I've had this job in every other church I've been to and it all depends on the person in the leadership roll. If they do a good job then there is lots of work involved. If they slack, then the rest of us don't have any requirements. This church doesn't seem like the slacker type. =)

Which is more important - my family or my church?
I've really struggled with this one. My main focus right now needs to be (in my mind) my job of mothering. My children are the most important job that I've ever had to do. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like it takes a lot of my time and focus to do this job well. And even then there are days when I'm just unsure of what in the world I'm doing.
So how many things can I add to my plate and still do them well. Should I take as many church jobs as asked and do them really well, but neglect some part of my home life?
And what is more important - cleaning the church or my home?
They both need to be done. For me at least - I have to neglect one (to an extent) to do the other.
So what does God want me to do? Would He rather I focus on the church or my family?
Am I the only one who can't seem to focus on more than a couple of things at one time.
I'm female. That means I should be able to multi-task, right?!
There is a deadline for responding and I'm still unsure whether I should take this job or not. 
I will be praying about it for sure.

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  1. My two cents: If you spread yourself too thin, then every single part of your life will suffer. There is no virtue in that. There is, however, a lot of virtue in fiercely guarding your non-negotiable commitments - your and your children's physical and mental health.

    I think it is better to do one thing well (aka raise well-rounded children) then over commit and under deliver in less important aspects of life.